Pendulum Cricket Test Match Overview: 31 December 2018

10 Jan Pendulum Cricket Test Match Overview: 31 December 2018

Pendulum Cricket Test Match overview:

31 December 2018

The rise of global T-20 Cricket

The rise of global T-20 Cricket has witnessed a demise of Test Match quality in general.

Cricket pitches have a life span of between twelve and fifteen years. They become apparently aged and tiresome when put to task if they are to last up to 5-days, however nowadays this they seldom do. Unless weather prolongs the purist’s game, they infrequently go beyond 3 or 4 days.

In T-20 Cricket, forty overs don’t reveal the gremlins in the pitch as much. Over an extended period they can begin to deteriorate and break up, making it a bowling feast for both seamers and spinners.

Not many teams bat beyond 400-runs per innings these days, this score perhaps in time past mandatory for a result. The old adage was win the toss, bat for approximately 125-overs, and then declare with excess of 450-runs on the board. Teams today batting aggressively above the 3.6-runs per over bench mark tend to set themselves up for easy pickings and low scores, thus resulting in quick fast Test Matches much to the disappointment of eager fans and willing caterers.

Cricket teams should consider a core of about 5 or 6 players for all three formats; Tests, ODI’s and T20’s. The balance of the crop made up from specialists in their prescribed field. That way each side gets to produce their best team in whichever format. To convert a whole Test team to a T20 outfit makes no sense at all.

Cricket Itineraries are inconsistent too, they should build themselves up from Test to T20’s. Tests should start a Series, with your mainstay players enjoying either bat or ball to their full. Then the ODI’s follow, and lastly the T-20’s. Both batsmen and bowlers can counter their attention, focus, fitness and goals accordingly. Once the Tests are out the way they can start gearing themselves for the quicker shorter versions of the game, not the other way around.

Global Test Cricket remains in the doldrums of trying to figure out how many tests to play in a Series, who plays whom within their recommended 3-year period. Albeit with Ireland having recently joined the Test arena fray this now takes the Test Nation teams tally to eleven, the itineraries desperately need to be reworked to invoke spectator interest and player enthusiasm but not to the demise of Test Cricket. Test Cricket should always be the priority!

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