Pendulum Cricket Test Match Overview: 28 February 2018

08 Mar Pendulum Cricket Test Match Overview: 28 February 2018

Pendulum Cricket Test Match Overview:

28 February 2018

Current Cricket Test Match Season:

The delicious encounter between South Africa and Australia is currently under way, just the 4-Tests with no limited over action. April is generally set aside for the IPL (Indian Premier League), when the cream of the international crop try out in this riveting affair which captures the global cricketing audience.


History favours the visiting Australians, they seem to enjoy the South African wickets. Even the recent Indian tour of South African caused quite a stir as they seemed to favour the Indian bowlers more so than the pacey Proteas. Nevertheless India still elude themselves from claiming a Series victory against the 2nd ranked Test team. The gap closed marginally between the two but not enough to see the Indians remain on top and reclaim the Test Mace for another year at least.


The England side will be touring New Zealand and playing just the 2-Tests. England showed they missed New Zealand native Ben Stokes in their recent drubbing to Australia, will the Englishman of Kiwi descent play and pose a problem for his former compatriots now turned foes. If the English selectors are trying to figure out his disposition imagine the emotions of Ben Stokes, he has gone through quite in the media for affray and was discarded from the IPL. Having played domestic cricket in New Zealand he must be now perfectly primed and prepped, let’s hope the selectors think so!


In Dublin’s fair city the pomp and ceremony will be exchanged for Test Cricket as the Irish debut against Pakistan in May, very exciting times indeed. Ireland have proved themselves in the limited overs arena. Now for the longer stuff with the big boys. Wow, how do you prepare for Pakistan? You never know what they can conjure up on their day. It will be worth keeping an eye on this significant and emotional encounter as Ireland become Test Match cricket team number 11.


Upcoming Cricket Test Matches:

  1. 1st Test – SA v AUS (Durban)
  2. 2nd Test – SA v AUS (Port Elizabeth) 09-13 Jan 18
  3. 1st Test – NZ v ENG (Auckland) 22-26 Mar 18 (day/night)
  4. 3rd Test – SA v AUS (Cape Town) 22-26 Mar 18
  5. 2nd Test – NZ v ENG (Christchurch) 30-03 Apr 18
  6. 4th Test – SA v AUS (Johannesburg) 30-03 Apr 18
  7. Only Test – IRE v PAK (Dublin) 11-15 May 18
  8. 1st Test – ENG v PAK (Lord’s) 24-28 May 18
  9. 2nd Test – ENG v PAK (Leeds) 01-05 Jun 18
  10. 1st Test – WI v SL (Port of Spain) 06-10 Jun 18
  11. 2nd Test – WI v SL (Gros Islet) 14-18 Jun 18
  12. 3rd Test – WI v SL (Bridgetown) 23-27 Jun 18
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