How do I predict who will win the cricket match?

How to predict the cricket result

19 Oct How do I predict who will win the cricket match?

Thats a good Question to ask. When I started following Cricket, I asked the same question to my Guru (Father). He told “Analysis” as the answer. I didn’t understand the term at that time. After years of experience of following Cricket, I could tell you the ways for predicting the winner of the match.

For Easy interpretation, we can take the Bi Lateral Series (A match played between only two teams), Now follow my Lead.

1. Team Strength: This is the key factor for prediction. For Winning the Match the Team Strength should be balanced. For Eg: Case 1: India faces many difficulties with Fast Bowlers but the Spinners would come into picture for taking wickets if wicket is Spinner friendly. Case 2: If the Team has more Left hand Batsmen than Right Handers, it is good to have a genuine off Spinner in your playing 11 to tackle the opposition.

2.Home Conditions: Another factor which determines the Winner in the match is Home team – Crowd Support. If you are playing in the Home conditions everything would be in your hands. Like the Pitch Nature(Flat/ Damp Wickets), Climatic Factors(Dew Factor) and major role is played by the Home Crowd. This is not only for Cricket but also for other Sports like Football, Hockey etc.

3. Special(Key) Players: This is entirely depending upon the personal ability of the players. Opposition should bring techniques to stop the Skilled Players somehow which would be really nail biting to see. For Eg: Players like ABD, Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni etc., should be dealt accordingly with some strategy to stop the flow of runs. These Players would be Match Winners if the Opposition has no idea of what should be done. It is same in the case of the Bowlers. For Eg: The type Guard Should be taken against Outside Off Stump Deliveries, How to tackle the Carrom Ball / Doosra etc. These strategies would help a Team to win matches.

4. Toss: Cricket Analysts say that there is certain amount of advantage for a Team if it had won the Toss. This would not be the deciding factor in a match. But certainly it would give the team the option of choosing “what they want”.

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